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Individual Clients and WorkShops:


Client Workshops

  1.  Create Your Best Life and (Cut out the Crappy Parts) Vision Board Workshop
  2.  Identifying Your Dream Job
  3.  Letting Go of Guilt by Saying No
  4.  Replenishing after burnout
  5.  Calming Down The Outside Noise and Finding Your Zen – a fun meditative experience.

Corporate Day Retreats and On-Site Workshops

  1.   Improving Work/Life Balance and Reduce Anxiety
  2.  Better communicate with your co-workers and clients
  3.  Be Calmer and More Productive
“Let me tell you, the Create Your Best Life and (Cut out the Crappy Parts) Women’s Vision Board Workshop was a total blast! Not only did we get to snip and glue our way to our dream life, but we also got to cut out all the crappy parts. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good purge?

Stacey was hilarious and kept us entertained the entire time. She had out group laughing so hard at times, I almost forgot I was there to create a vision board. But when we did get down to business, it was amazing. We got to unleash our creativity and let our imaginations run wild.

And the best part? I cut out all the things in my life that were bringing me down. From toxic relationships to bad habits, I got to snip them out of my vision board and out of my life. It was like a therapy session with scissors and glue.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who needs a little inspiration and a lot of laughter in their life. It was the the perfect way to kickstart my journey to my best life (and cut out all the crappy parts).”

Cheryl R

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