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As a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Life Coach, I work with a variety of women of different ages, cultures, religious beliefs, and backgrounds. While women seek out my services for a variety of reasons, often the common thread it that they simply want to feel better and more in control of their present situations.

As a trauma-informed specialist, I help women understand what is standing in their way and help clients live happier, more fulfilling life. My unique background of having both a psychology master’s degree and a business master’s degree allows me to offer valuable insight to the world. As a mother and wife, I understand first-hand the demands placed on women at work and at home. I will help you connect the dots and implement strategies to uplift your spirit. You will be in the driver’s seat and I will teach you tools to navigate the challenges or obstacles in front of you. Together we can create a plan to help you feel better. We can strategize and make a plan.  My goal is that you will feel safe, heard, and not alone.

Having an experienced seasoned professional in your corner helps normalize your experience and allows shame and self-doubt to diminish. I offer my clients tangible action plans, an empathetic trained ear, and incorporate realistic psychotherapy tools for success. My goal in working with you is to synergize mind, body, and spirit to strengthen your resilience while improving self-esteem.

My approach in sessions is to offer warmth, empathy, some humor, and first-hand understanding. I believe my clients are the author of their stories. My work approach is holistic and includes psychotherapy interventions, mindfulness, and somatic bodywork to bring about emotional stability. I weave psychoeducation, research on related topics, and hope into my client sessions. Often in sessions, breath work and mindfulness are incorporated to help relieve the nervous system which leads to long-term emotional regulation.  

A large segment of my work is dedicated to family systems and this includes fertility and pregnancy loss counseling. I know firsthand the emotional toll infertility and miscarriages can take on a woman’s overall health and her relationships. I also counsel women in the areas of defining career goals, navigating midlife changes, and offer couples counseling based on the psychotherapy model of John Gottman’s Method.  

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Office & Telehealth Locations:
Pasadena CA 91105
Monrovia CA 91016

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I will try my best to respond to you within 24 hours during working business hours. 

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*48 Hour Cancellation Policy:  Regular rates will apply to any cancellations under 48 hours notice

*Due to Covid Restrictions, I am providing Telehealth at this time.  The platform I use is Hippa Compliant. 

*At this time, I do not take payments from medical insurance companies however I do offer Super Bills which can be turned back into health insurance providers for reimbursement.  

Office & Telehealth Locations:
Pasadena CA 91105
Monrovia CA 91016


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