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Do you feel like you have untapped potential, and you would like to know how to step into your greatness? My role in career coaching is to help you determine what your heart is longing to do. It is increasingly important to understand your choices and opportunities as technology transforms the economy, business environment changes and jobs reshape.

When people are changing not just jobs, but often changing careers, they need a coach schooled to help break down the decisions before them.

Career coaching is about getting the support, help, and guidance you need to figure things out how to reach your ultimate career goals. It is my job to be there to ask questions, give you guidance, and help you overcome whatever challenges you’re facing in your job search.  A career coach is your personal advocate and is there for you during a time that’s often filled with stress, doubt, and fear.

In our coaching/client relationship, you hold the agenda. You decide what the focus of your sessions will be. My training and skillset will help provide you with insight, support, and the direction you need to achieve the goals you have in mind. In other words, through our work together, you will reach your goals sooner than later if you were trying to do it on your own.

The focus of you coaching session will be individualized depending on your personal objectives. In our sessions, our ongoing coach/client relationship will strengthen bringing awareness of what’s holding you back or showing up as roadblocks that’s getting in the way of moving forward. You will be able to effectively focus your efforts on reaching the goals you are targeting.

As a career coach, I will help you:

  • Establish realistic goals
  • Discover solutions to known of unknown challenges
  • Create and implement action plans
  • Help you build up self-confidence
  • Increase motivation to take action
  • Learn that it is up to you to take charge of your career

Working with me is working with someone who genuinely shares the same ultimate goal you have. I care about you and your success. In my session, I will add creativity and excitement during the process.

Additionally, in our one-on-one career coaching sessions, you will:

  • Receive personalized advice, support, and guidance when making career decisions
  • Be supported every step of the way
  • Determine what steps to take and strategies to use
  • Collaboratively create a customized plan that will keep you on track to accomplish what you set yourself out to do
  • Be held accountable and challenged along the way
  • Be told like it is. Sometimes there is no sugar coating the facts. (unlike friends and family)
  • Hopefully share laughter
  • Celebrate your victories

For optimum benefit, you have to be willing to be coached. Sometimes this means setting ego aside. Meaning, you will be open to new ideas, willing to make changes, welcome constructive criticism, and be ready to take action. This does not mean that the conversations are one-sided. Quite the opposite in fact, I count on my clients being actively involved in our coaching sessions. Ultimately, your results derive from you taking action and making conscious choices and decisions about your dreams.

What a career coach is NOT…

A career coach is not a counselor or therapist. Therapy often deals with a person’s history and the “why’s” of that history while coaching deals with the present and future. The focus of the coaching session is on what you want to do presently.

Those suffering from depression, anxiety, or problems that interfere with life situations will be referred on to counseling. Typically career coaches do not offer psychotherapy interventions in “coaching mode”. Because I am licensed as a psychotherapist, there is the possibility to transition to therapy work if deemed necessary if we live in the same state. If not, mental health referrals can be provided.

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